Celebrate the moment!

How can we serve you and enhance your experience to make it the most memorable moment? Make lasting memories that will make conversation for years to come! Enjoy a delightful charcuterie board with our picnic service and we are sure to provide you with an unforgettable way to capture and cherish your special moment. Gather, Celebrate and Enjoy!


Our standard configuration provides an elegant and whimsical experience that is affordable but there is always room to add your special touch or insert with more elegant options . Contact us to discuss the array of add on features available to you. Splurge by expanding into more elaborate options that can be customized to your hearts content! Gather, Celebrate and Enjoy!

 Keep it simple....Make it Special.....Be Unique.....Celebrate YOU!

Picnics On-The- Go ; No problem. Check out our unique and customized charcuterie boards or edible bouquets! Small to large options available. Talk to your picnic host who can help you design a package that meets your needs. Gather, Celebrate and Enjoy!

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